Silhouette Andrew Pano

Loving One Another

When we hear the command of Jesus to love one another, I wonder who immediately comes to our mind? In our small groups we may have many struggles and many joys as we, by the power of the Holy Spirit, live out our lives in small communities loving one another.
As I talk to many adults, I find that they take this command and apply it to their peers (and so we should!), but there is a dynamic that can get overlooked. When Jesus told us to love one another this was an inclusive command, it was a command that included every generation. He could have said, "Love the elderly, love the teenagers, love the children, love those of your own age group. Love one another!"
Matthew 18 takes this command further for Jesus said, "In as much as you have done it to one of these little ones you have done it unto Me." As we love a little one so have we loved Jesus! As we have not loved one of those little ones so have we not loved Jesus.
So how can we love each generation who is in the Kingdom with us? I know only one answer! By allowing Him to love through us. In other words, by getting out of the way! I have seen many times the awesome change that can takes place when I have cried out for the love for a child, or an adult, and asked for the love of the Father. There always comes a time later when I become aware of a growing bond between the child and myself - my immediate reaction is to marvel at how they have changed… until I remember my prayer! The Father is loving them and using me to express His love!

Loving One Another in Families

Take time this week to find some creative ways to show each other how much you love each other. This could be done in pairs: a father and son together planning how to show the mother their love, parents for their children, or children to their parents. So often, especially at this time of year, we think we are showing love by the amount of money we spend on each other. There are many other creative ways: a special meal prepared, love tokens left on the pillow, special notes hidden in lunch boxes… these are a few. Have fun this week… Jesus enjoyed loving people: He enjoys seeing families totally in love with each other and showing that love in meaningful ways.

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