Silhouette Andrew Pano

Loving Those Lost To The Father

There are two cries going out across the earth that the Body of Christ must hear:
One is a cry for dedicated men to train children as young as 3 and 4 years old to be terrorists and martyrs, taking the world for the evil one.

The other is a cry going out from the throne of God, for dedicated men to raise up the next generation of children, as young as 3 and 4 years old to be a generation of Nazarites
who will go to the darkest places on earth and take the harvest with signs and wonders. This generation is to declare to the nations that God is Ruler of them all.
Many of the Body of Christ do not hear either of these. Yet they are both a wakeup call. Both cries need our urgent attention.
In your streets, in your schools, and in your cities are children who have been set apart for such a time as this. But the Church of Jesus has not identified them.
When a child is missing, the local community searches until the child is returned to the grieving father, who often forms the search party. People volunteer willingly and will search all night if necessary. There is a Father who is grieving today because His child is lost, He is calling the local community to form a search party and search all night if necessary because "He is not willing that one of these little ones should be lost" (Matthew 18).
The Father is not willing that ONE of these little ones is lost. Are we that emphatic about the children of our neighborhood? What do we see as we walk the streets? Do we see shops and scenery or do we see the lost little ones in our supermarkets and roads where we live? What are we preoccupied with as we walk our cities? The Father is preoccupied with those children who are lost, from whom He is separated.
This is not an optional extra in our lives, it is not something that children's ministry is called to do alone. It is the call on every believer, for the Bible tells us "one generation shall praise your works to another."
If a child is lost from home, no one considers who is called to the task, who has been appointed, or who feels led. A whole community turns out.
How much more should we all "turn out" for the Father whose heart is breaking as He sees his little ones lost? This is for the Father. If we love Him we will want to gladden His heart.
I pray for ALL of us that we receive the heart of our Father for the children of our neighborhoods and the children of the nations. Let them be prepared to die for the gospel if they are called to. If we don't win and disciple them there are many others who are prepared to do so and the heart of the Father will break for His little ones. They belong to Him.


Choose 15 minutes this week to go together and walk your street praying for the children and their families who live there. Pray together and sing a praise song before you leave your house. When you come back thank the Father for each child and family you know asking Him to give you an opportunity to show them that Jesus loves them.

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