Silhouette Andrew Pano

CHRISTmas to the Cross

As we draw near to Christmas, I am reminded of the fact that Christ came to die for HIS people; that is a King worthy of praise. It’s not like a king sending out his army to win his battle; this is the King winning His own battle. That is a true Leader of men, showing His people what love is really about, that a man can give his life to give someone else another chance, “What greater love has a man than a man gives his life for his friends.” – John 15:13

As this time of the year has hit me, I have come to realize I need to be more willing to give my life for those around me. People are in this world freezing while I am sitting in the warmth of my home. It’s not bad that I have this, but I need to be mindful of what I am doing and the way I am going about things.

Christmas is when we remember Christ’s birth. Join me as we remember that great moment, but also remember that moment in time was just the start of a chase to destroy the Greatest Life, the start of a mass slaughter of children by Herod, the start of a Holy Culture in itself. He is that Holy Culture!

Here is a caption from a rap by Flame, from his album “Where There’s Smoke … There’s Fire – Jeremiah 20:9”:
“They forget you’re the Godman,
Your Word says You were tempted on every hand,
Yet they promise up and down that You don’t understand.
Could it be an excuse to continue in sin?
Could it be in their greed that they want more?
As if dyin’ on the cross wasn’t enough for them.”

As we enter the New Year, let’s remember that God’s coming to earth and dying on the cross was more than we deserved and more than we could have asked Him to do for us. Everything else He does for us is a bonus. Let’s live like we are grateful for everything He has done for us, and give blinded people hope.