Silhouette Andrew Pano

Leadership for This Generation

Radical leadership will respond to the sound of the prophetic voice as it is declared across the earth. It will seek to be on the cutting edge of what God is doing, taking people where God is moving, putting them in the way of His Spirit as it blows like a mighty wind. Such leadership will be looking for the “kairos moment” in History and aligning them with the Holy Spirit in the careful orchestration that is preparing the bride for the Son's return.

Leadership today must look beyond just the confines of their own sphere of influence and hear what the Spirit is saying to the churches throughout the earth. As I travel the nations I am given copies of prophecies, tapes, and CDs with prophetic words and they all say one thing: God is raising up a radical, prophetic, passionate generation of children and young people such as has never been seen in history.

No longer can the children and young people be confined to a department that is seen as the training ground for greater things. No longer can they be quietly taken out of sight, or told stories until they are old enough to "enter in." They are a major part of a move of God, they are being bought to center stage, and they will ignite the revival we are all crying out for.

A revolution is taking place!

“Certainly from this generation is springing up an army of prophets and prophetesses. A vanguard that hear the beat of His heart and march to its rhythm…that has counted the cost of discipleship and have plunged into the deep and cast their nets on the other side of religion, LIBERTY!…..and such will declare his heart to the masses." - Chad Taylor

Today's leaders must embrace this army, must be prepared to make radical changes that will release them.

"A wonderful event is unfolding before our eyes! The spirit of the Lord is speaking to children on an extremely high level... Be sure of one thing - there is a fight for this generation. However no matter how hard the foe seeks to deceive these young champions, the Spirit of God will have His way with these whom He has sealed for these days... These children are hungry for spiritual power and they will not be denied it. If the church will not give them true power, Satan stands ready to reap them with his deceptive counterparts. As Pastors and leaders it is crucial that we take time for the children and make them a top priority in our ministry. Christ Jesus set the pattern - he would welcome them into His meetings."

Leaders who will raise up a generation that knows how to father this generation to be sons, servants, and soldiers of the most High God, will prepare their people for the greatest revival that the world has ever seen and it will be birthed in this youngest generation.

However, leadership will also be given to them.

“In this radical band of believers …boys and girls will share in leadership... It will soon be evident why the enemy has tried to destroy this generation. He has somehow seen the end time army... It has been hard to get my generation to live for what they say they believe in, however this end time generation will be ready and willing to lay down their lives for the cause of Christ." - Bobby Connor

Leadership will raise leaders, not only from peers but from boys and girls who will stand in these troubled days. The world is changing and will continue to do so at an alarming rate. No longer can leaders prepare for tomorrow as if the next year will be as this.
Leaders must raise this generation who can be faithful even unto death. This might sound extreme in our nation right now, but I have seen children and young people in other nations who have been prepared to pay the ultimate price for following Jesus. 

We cannot focus on adults anymore as if they are the only ones who truly matter, as if the future is in their hands. God is saying something quite different.
These are not my words … these are not words spoken to a few. They are words resounding from the very throne of God. They are a wakeup call to the Body of Christ and if the Body of Christ is to be released into this mighty uprising that overtakes all the plans of the enemy to dispel it, then leaders in this opening for the millennium must cry out to God for the wisdom and grace to turn around the church to be able to manifest what has been promised.
As I write I feel the inadequacy of words, for I have touched to passionate heart of God. God is speaking in these days, "Let him who has ears to hear, hear what the spirit is saying." There is only one way that a leader who loves the Lord Jesus wants to take people and that is to follow Him.
Let me finish with the following story: "As I walked into a conference hall, a very young girl around 5 years of age came to me and said, ‘I can preach.’
“Trying to humor her I knelt down and patted her on the head, ‘That is wonderful,’ almost in a joking voice.
“However I was stunned because she looked back at me and said ‘No, I can preach!’ with such boldness that I was almost knocked down.
“So I said to her, ‘Ok then, what is your message?’
“She looked me straight in the eye and said, ‘Pray! Listen! Obey!’
“That night the place was packed with church leaders from across the nation... I looked out in the crowd and saw the little girl sitting with her parents. I stopped speaking and said to her, ‘Do you still want to preach?’
“She said, ‘Yes.’ I picked her up and placed the mic in front of her lips and she said in a strong voice, ‘My message is, Pray! Listen! Obey!’ When she said this, hundreds of people were knocked out of their seats on the floor weeping and seeking the LORD."
This is what God is saying to his leaders today.

Pray - Listen - Obey!

Questions you could ask yourself as a leader: 

  1. Would that little girl have been in your meeting with her parents, or would she have been elsewhere? 
  2. Would you have believed that God could powerfully use her to bring leaders to repentance? 
  3. How are you preparing the older generations to mobilize and equip this up and coming army? 
  4. How significant is the prophetic word regarding this generation in the vision, plans, and equipping of your people?

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