Opening eyes to the injustice of sexual exploitation and inspiring action through:

Raising awareness that human trafficking is happening worldwide, including where you are, is key to combatting this global problem.

Is there a difference between prostitution and human trafficking? What does this look like? How does it affect you? What are the signs of spotting someone being trafficked? What can you do about it? 

Book a screening of the film Nefarious: Merchant of Souls or a speaker to talk on Human Trafficking 101: what it is, where it is, how it happens and what you can do to help stop it.

Prevention truly is the best cure. When you can prevent someone from being trafficked, you stop abuse, limit the trauma a person will need to recover from, and encourage a healthy and thriving community. 

Ways OOE can help you Prevent:

  • Generation 2 generation conferences.
Understanding our role when it comes to the next generation is pivotal. What does it mean to have a generation with little to no self-control? How can we train a child in the way they should go? How do we disciple the next generation? (Titus 2:2-6)
  • Stewards of Children - Child Protection training.
With an estimated 90-95% of those caught in sex slavery being first sexually abused as children, we must become vigilant.
  • Equipping individuals, churches, and organizations to care for hurting people.
As you look deeper into the roots of human trafficking, you become aware of how twisted and intertwined they are, like tree roots. God instructed us to care for the wounded, broken, orphans/fatherless, widows, poor, etc. Traffickers are simply reaching them first.

Book Daniella to train on Trauma 101: Helping or Hurting?

With so many victims being rescued, there is a growing need for community groups trained and equipped to befriend and help those who have suffered severe trauma. Most churches and organizations desire to bring restoration to the wounded and hurting, yet find themselves ill-equipped or lacking the skills to do so.

OOE equips and provides effective skills and tools to help you do so. But be warned; this is not for the faint-hearted! 

Networking is the only way to combat this growing problem. With millions of people enslaved in human trafficking globally and so many aspects involved, not one person/organization can deal with it alone. We need each other. We need you!

For more information, e-mail: info@operationopeneyes.com
Website: www.operationopeneyes.org