Silhouette Andrew Pano

First Principles of Discipleship

The first discipleship priority of any small group member is family discipleship.

If this is not happening:

  • Members will probably disciple others to not prioritize their children.
  • Others will be “fed, trained, and led on in Jesus” before their own children.
  • The DNA of passing on “discipleship” of their children to the church will be replicated.

If it is happening:

  • Members will intentionally disciple others to do the same.
  • The DNA of Christians taking responsible for the discipleship of their children will be established in the church.
  • Children and youth ministry can focus on the unchurched and those from non-Christian families.
  • These Biblical priorities can flow through discipleship.

How can this be implemented/supported through discipleship equipping?

Discipleship equipping can be divided into two parts: Discipleship A and Discipleship B.

Discipleship A addresses the Biblical value of family discipleship (every member needs this whether they have families or not).

Members then leave Discipleship A to intentionally disciple their families.

The following ideas can be given:

  • Once a week, minimum, the family pray, read, and share together.
  • A family night once in two weeks, minimum, to spend quality time together.
  • If the family has teens: once a month, minimum, one parent asks where they would like to go eat, then goes with them (the arrangement must be faithfully consistent).
  • If the family has children: Living With Jesus discipleship books can be implemented - one session once a week with one parent.  The goal is to use the questions as a tool for discussion. (Some parents with teens use the questions in Living With Jesus to provoke discussion on their “date night.”)
  • Once a month, minimum, date night for the parents.
  • Parents to pray together daily.

Discipleship B - people return and share testimonies of the above.  Then the values of discipling others is introduced and the process implemented with family discipleship in the DNA.

Then members are held accountable and encouraged through equipping and through the small groups.