Silhouette Andrew Pano

Wake-Up Call

“Studies indicate 60-70% of those born before 1946 follow Jesus while 15% of Millennials follow Jesus” (Thom Rainer, I Am a Church Member).

Judges 2:10 says it succinctly: “When this generation had returned to its fathers, a generation grew up which did not know their God.”

Wake up, Church. Wake up!

To turn a nation, you must take the next generation. Politicians and other religions know this and are turning nations. Many stop the gospel going to under 25-year-old's because they know the potential on the nation.

  • Hitler – took the children
  • Communist Russia – took the children
  • Islam – is taking the children
  • The media –is taking the children

Wake up, Church. Wake up!

Whose responsibility are children? The Psalmist said, “One generation shall tell the next generation” (Psalm 145:4). Repeatedly, all Israel was commanded to pass on to the children (e.g. Deuteronomy 6:4-9; 32:6).

We are all responsible.

Deuteronomy 29:29 says, “The revealed things belong to you and your children.”

Parents are responsible.

David’s prayer is for all of us: “Don’t let me die till I tell the next generation … your power to all who are to come.”

Where are the children in the Bible? God placed the family in the tribe (today’s small group), and the tribes formed the nation (small groups form the church). Children, in community with their families, were included. Notice 2 Chronicles 20:13 where it says, “All the men of Judah with their wives, children, and little ones stood before the Lord” (Exodus 16:9, Nehemiah 12:42, Exodus 17). When the words “all, everyone, the entire community, church, and Israelites, we need to realize that the children are also included. Children often gathered around Jesus (Matthew 18:2). In the New Testament church, the home was central which means that children were automatically included (Acts 2:46; 18:8; 11:14). Children and adults were in a journey together. The Holy Spirit reveals things to children – and we get to hear (Matthew 11:24)!

Church = “Church” that includes every generation.

We need children now, not just for the future! Remember what it says in Matthew 18:4, “Whoever welcomes one such child in my Name welcomes me.” Children have a Divine right to be where Jesus is (Mark 10:14; Matthew 19:14). When we welcome children, we welcome Jesus “so the next generation would know, even the children yet to be born” (Psalm 78:6).

The future of generations is in our hands!

This is not about children; it is about Jesus. David said “I will declare your name to all generations and therefore the nations will praise You.” The nations will praise Jesus! When we pass the Name of Jesus through the generations we are promised the nations will praise Him! Surely that is our goal that one day every generation and nation will praise Him.

This is all about Jesus!

We at Generation 2 generation want to help. Here is everything you need to start small groups for the emerging generation: