Silhouette Andrew Pano

No One There?

Have you ever been in a room, the door opens, and someone puts their head around it, looks, and says, “Oh, there is no one here!”?

They meant that the people they were looking for were not there – whereas YOU were sitting there. YOU were not “no one”!

I have been in many small group meetings where discussion about the summer “break” came up. When the group discovered most were going to be away, they cancelled the summer meetings.  Many times I was one of those who were not away. The message I received was that the two or three left did not matter. It was not worth having a small group meeting “just” for them.

The small group looked into the summer and said, “Oh, there is no one here!”

I was there. One or two others were there.  WE were in the room! Did we not matter?

I rest my case!