Silhouette Andrew Pano

You’ll Never Walk Alone

Anyone who is a British football supporter will know the phrase “you’ll never walk alone.” This is a song sung wholeheartedly at British football matches and it applies to team ministry. One of the best things about ministering as a team is camaraderie and never walking alone. Allow me to share why this is true.

When you walk together, you don’t have to walk alone because:

  • you have each other’s backs
  • you have support
  • you have different skills and gifting
  • you have different perspectives
  • you have checks and balances
  • you have accountability
  • you have a shoulder to cry on and others to laugh with
  • you have prayer partners
  • you have community
  • you have someone to share with
  • you have stability
  • you have shared vision
  • you are stronger together
  • you have others who know when words are not needed
  • you don’t carry the load alone
  • you don’t have to “do it all"
  • you have friends

So why would you want to walk alone in the often lonely position of leadership? Often the reason is because:

  • you have been let down in the past
  • you feel threatened by others who might be more popular
  • you are concerned about disagreement
  • it takes longer to reach decision
  • you don’t want to be vulnerable in leadership
  • you have had “church splits” and are afraid this might happen again
  • you don’t naturally relate to others who might be on the leadership team

These are valid reasons for being fearful but I leave you with the question: would you rather walk alone through the storms, alone through the joys – or take “the risk” and have team leadership … and you’ll never walk alone?