Silhouette Andrew Pano

The Heart of Jesus in the Small Group

A true small group must not ignore the command of Jesus to “go into all the world…” Jesus did not ask for an educational degree, status, or specific calling. He commanded a group of 12 to be imitators of Him and to live and die in a hostile world. Some of these disciples were fishermen; all had been discipled by him; received the power of the Holy Spirit, and were sent to change the world. 

The commission has not changed and the methodology has not changed! "God had an only Son, and He made Him a missionary." – David Livingstone

A group without mission is a group without the heart of Jesus. Mission is what made His heart beat as a baby and what made it break on the cross. It is what committed Him to discipleship and to birth the early church. Lead a small group, multiply it, raise up a leader… for what? To play your part in completing the Great Commission and seeing the King return. Anything less misses the mission of Jesus.