Silhouette Andrew Pano

Principles Work

Biblically, I only see two principles for reaching the next generation:

  • One generation is responsible for the next (Psalm 145:4).
  • Parents are responsible for their children (Deuteronomy 29:29).

Nothing has changed; His Word still stands. These principles apply to parents during their teenager years and all teenagers. There is nothing about qualifications, specific offices, or departments - just these two simple commands.

Whatever methodology a church uses, if they are not based around these two simple commands, we say we know a better way than the Word of God. Sadly, across the world we have turned to a Greek educational system instead of the Word of God, which disempowers parents and separates generations.

George Barna’s research reflects these truths.

I will keep my words short so maybe you will follow this link from Charisma Magazine.

We ignore, at our peril, important Biblical principles and, sadly, we see the results today. When we get “our house in order,” we will have a safe place/home to evangelize others.