Silhouette Andrew Pano

Leading All Generations

Lead Pastors are to lead the church! That statement would be agreed on without dispute. What is disputable is what “church” means. My very simple theology says it means “Every generation of followers of Jesus,” which would mean “children, young people, and adults.”

It could take many hours to work out the implications of the previous paragraph because so many churches neglect portions of the Body of Christ who are not within a certain age group.

An engaged leader (pastor) cannot delegate the vision for any generation. The outworking of this would be that the Pastor has equal concern about how vision is being lived and implemented with the children and young people, setting a guard against anything that will detract from their immersion within the vision.

There is no Biblical precedent for appointing and delegating “another Pastor” for children or teenagers. The pastor must go forward with one vision.  Too many programs have the goal of “keeping the emerging generation happy,” while the priority is with the adults and their ministries. The lead pastor must guard against this happening.

A reformation is needed. An army is emerging, and the pastor has been appointed and anointed by the Head of the Church (every generation) to lead them all within a Biblical community of believers. Pastor, lead the emerging generation as you do the adults. They are worth it, and Jesus sets no other precedent.