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#217 - Lauren shares her her experience serving in Poland close to the Ukraine / Russia conflict and signing her “hostage form!” Her passion to use her skill set to help ministries is inspiring.
#216 - Chris helps us explore the issue of God’s judgement, is it still relevant in an “era of grace?” The differences between judgement on a national and personal level. This is such an important subject, one everyone needs to wrestle with.
- https://www.youtube.com/@storehouse7197  /  https://podcasts.apple.com/gb/podcast/storehouse-7-ministries/id1473181764
#215 - Joshua and Emma talk about the amazing work they are doing helping some of the most vulnerable disabled children in Uganda through holistic care. Seeking out their families and providing support for reunification when possible.
- https://thegemfoundation.com  /  https://instagram.com/thegemfoundationuganda  /  https://www.facebook.com/TheGemFoundationUganda
#214 - Merritt and Heidi share their story of taking their young family from the US to the frontlines of war, helping, and serving those in distress.
- https://www.youtube.com/@allingeraddition3995
#213 - Daphne and Andrew talk about his journey with Generation 2 generation, being raised traveling the world, lessons learned along the way, and Andrew leaves Daphne with a surprise.
#212 - Danny was the chief architect of Israel’s security barrier, always a hot topic! Hear some of his journey and challenges, from its design and locations to politicians and religions, and above all, the heart of this man. He leaves us with a surprising conclusion.
- https://www.yozmot-ltd.com  /  https://www.G2gMandate.org/Israel  /  https://www.Quest4Truth.org/Documentary
#211 - Volodia and Pavel (father and son) share their experiences serving those caught in the war between Russia and Ukraine, the impact on those on the front lines, and their perspectives on what victory would actually look like.
- Donate through our 501(c)(3) here: https://www.G2gMandate.org/Donate (Select Crisis Response)  /  info@G2gMandate.org
#210 - Doug talks about his business background, reaching the most remote people groups, and his hopes and concerns regarding the days we’re living in. His book “And Then the End Will Come” looks at signs he believes we should be aware of in these last days.
- https://www.finishingfund.org  /  https://www.andthentheendwillcome.com  /  https://www.amazon.com/Then-End-will-Come-Completion-ebook/dp/B08YFBZX12
#209 - Nick traces his journey from a megachurch Pastor to a decentralized disciple making movement, with exciting exponential results and generational implications.
- https://big.life
#208 - Andrew and Daphne share the surprising way they received their heart for the persecuted, how this is being passed to others, and ways they practically help and support people around the world.
- https://www.G2gMandate.org/IssacharNetwork  /  info@G2gMandate.org
#207 - Chris shares his passion for local and international mission through his discipleship community and as an extension of his businesses. Discipleship is core to him and those he does life with. Throughout he gives practical examples that we can apply to our own lives and situations.
- www.MyTownMovers.com  /  www.MyTownRoofing.com  /  www.MyTownMiracles.org  /  www.MENistry.com
#206 - Daniella shares her journey fighting human trafficking, training others in prevention, child protection, and understanding trauma. We also hear about her annual work in Thailand and how you can join the fight.
- www.OperationOpenEyes.org  /  www.G2gMandate.org/OperationOpenEyes  /  www.G2gMandate.org/Donate  /  info@G2gMandate.org
#205 - This important episode reflects on how trauma affects children and whether they can be effectively helped.
- http://refuge182.com
#204 - Vincent gives a wake up call about the times we are living through, and where we are heading, while exploring what the Biblical reality is, and what it means for us.
- https://nwmglobal.org
#203 - Change is something we all have to face, yet many find it hard. Change can be by choice, or it can be forced on you. Kevin shares how he navigated change, and what that has looked like as a leader.
#202 - Are you wondering what is happening in our world today? Daniel Secomb gives an overview with prophetic insight, while Kynada Boland gives an introduction to Preparedness Peace, and helps with preparing for hard times ahead. This is not to be missed!
- www.G2gMandate.org/IssacharNetwork  /  www.PreparednessPeace.com  /  www.IsraelIslamAndEndTimes.com  /  www.CultureWarResource.com
#201 - Rebecca shares her passion for helping others hear the voice of God, her struggles along the way, and how you can hear Him in the midst of the storm.
- https://www.hearinggodsvoiceuk.net
#200 - Tim shares his passion for the emerging generation and the challenges he sees them having to overcome. Hear how you can be a part of empowering the next generation.
- http://limitlesselim.co.uk  /  https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/limitless-leadership-podcast/id1072768373
#199 - Gidon, whose father survived the holocaust, shares about the "Night of Broken Glass" November 9-10, 1938, when the Nazi regime coordinated a wave of antisemitic violence in Germany. He then explains how we can show our support this November 9th.
- https://lightupthechurch.org  /  https://root-source.com
#198 - When parents adopt it affects the whole family. Emerson takes us through her own journey, as a sibling of three adopted special needs children. This is truly inspirational! She also shares her passion for the nations.
- www.instagram.com/emerson.felts  I  Facebook Profile  I  www.youtube.com/c/TheFeltsFamily
#197 - Derek shares his thoughts about how the church departing from it's Jewish roots, has impacted it's approach to salvation.
- https://aliveinmessiah.org  I  https://youtu.be/o-hjpXFio2M
#196 - Kameel looks at the hope we have in the midst of global events, the Great Reset and the WEF.
- www.tan.org.au
#195 - Ruslana recounts her heart-wrenching journey of coping with being separated from her family due to the Russia-Ukraine war.
Volodia also gives his thoughts on the reported assassination of Darya Dugina, the daughter of Alexander Dugin, a close ally of Putin, and shares an urgent need for prayer.
- Donate through our 501(c)(3) here: www.G2gMandate.org/Donate (Select Crisis Response)
- info@G2gMandate.org
#194 - Andrew and Daphne share exciting opportunities to help prepare for the years ahead. They also reflect on trips to the US, Brazil and Israel.
- www.G2gMandate.org/IssacharNetwork  I  www.G2gMandate.org/Israel
#193 - Susan takes us on a journey to Russia with the Salvation Army and from there reaching nations in her own neighborhood. Her story is both inspiring and empowering.
- www.churchinthemeadows.uk
#192 - Brian shares how his family were and are still impacted by anti-semitism, and the difficult history between the Jewish people and the “church.” His own faith and account of his involvement with Maoz Israel are woven into his story.
- https://maozisrael.org
#191 - Noel, a successful entrepreneur, shares his passion for the nations, and why it is important to GO, not just focus on missions at home.
- www.mytownmiracles.org  I  https://menistry.com
#190 - Vip speaks about his experience in China as a business man and how it led to the USA: entrepreneurship, investment funds, and business competitions, combined with his heart for the mission field.
- www.eagleventurefund.com  I  www.eaglecityfund.com  I  www.thelionsdendfw.org  I  www.faithdrivenentrepreneur.org  I  www.praxislabs.org
#189 - Rachel shares her journey helping vulnerable and at risk young mothers and their babies. This episode is heart wrenching and yet full of hope at the same time.
- www.cherishministry.org
#188 - Steve considers the historic overturning of Roe vs Wade in America, which turned the Abortion lawmaking over to individual States. Hear Steve also give his opinion about the direction of America in the long term.
- www.lcfriends.org
#187 - Marcos shares how he was raised in the jungle as his parents traveled by boat to find and reach out to tribal communities. He is now continuing the work with his own family as they too, travel by boat into The Amazon.
- https://paz.church
#186 - Kynada has spent years in disaster situations. Drawing on her experience she encourages listeners to take preparedness seriously and gives examples of how we can all be "ready" for what might unfold in these uncertain days, and live in "Preparedness Peace.”
- www.preparednesspeace.com
#185 - Volodia returns to give an update on the situation in Ukraine as the conflict with Russia continues. He traveled across the country, to protect his family, provide for people’s needs, and help them find ultimate freedom in Jesus. Volodia also shares heart breaking news.
- Donate here (Select Crisis Response): https://www.g2gmandate.org/Donate
- info@G2gMandate.org
#184 - Robby shakes the listeners out of inaction, into a calling to "just do it," His recent involvement with Afghanistan and Ukraine is an inspiration to follow.
- www.robbydawkins.com
#183 - Andy shares how his upbringing impacted his passion to equip young people, and the challenge to Advance the Gospel around the world. He states, "who knows, we may be living in the greatest generation in world history…” find out why this could be!
#182 - Chaim returns to talk more about the process of making Allyah and some of it’s challenges. He encourages people to step out of ‘slacktivism’ into ‘activism’ when it comes to standing with the Jewish people. You’ll also hear from a surprise guest.
- https://aliyahreturncenter.com/en
#181 - Chaim talks about the importance of the Jewish people returning to their homeland Israel, it’s Biblical significance, challenges, and the refugee situation with Ukraine.
- https://aliyahreturncenter.com/en
#180 - Can messianic Jews and gentiles be ‘one new family’ without losing their God given identity? What might that look like? How can we celebrate the Lord together? Bob explores these issues especially in the context of moving from a mega church model to becoming community based.
- https://stjohnsdcc.org  I  www.onenewfamily.org
#179 - Robby passionately shares about the impact his parents had on him, how his mom offered herself as a living sacrifice for the advancement of the gospel, and the amazing fruit that resulted. He also challenges listeners about reaching dangerous places, and the need for everyone to be proactive in creating their own stories of giving their all.
- https://robbydawkins.com
#178 - Andrew shares a powerful, gritty message that will challenge your perspective of persevering through tough times. His experience of being in prison in Turkey for 2 years, brings valuable insight that will help us prepare for the years ahead. This is a message he shared with the Issachar Network.
- www.G2gMandate.org/IssacharNetwork  I  www.wavestarters.org
#177 - Andy engages us with his heart for equipping leaders, missions, healthy family, multigenerational empowerment and... discover the result of "The joke that went too far!"
#176 - A second Ukraine update from Volodia, as he moves from place to place, caring for his family, and providing shelter and rescue for refugees within the nation, while bringing Hope in the midst of chaos.
- Donate through our 501(c)(3) here: www.G2gMandate.org/Donate
(Select Crisis Response)
#175 - A special podcast with Volodia giving a real time update on what is happening in the homes of Ukrainian people, as they live under Russian attack.
#174 - Frieda shares from her book "What Mark Are You Leaving?," which compares Biblical to modern day people, along with the importance of honoring previous generations.
- https://friedawhiteministries.org  I  www.operationrefuge.com  I  www.youtube.com/c/FriedaCWhite
#173 - Tod shares vulnerably about how he and his wife walked through a devastating season together, and how God turned it all around. He also explores the privilege and challenge of carrying on Don Finto’s legacy.
- https://caleb.global
#172 - Scott speaks powerfully about leadership, and transitioning of leadership. The vision he had of ‘standing on his father’s shoulders’ left a lasting impact as he disciples, and supports Pastors and leaders, while raising the next generation to stand on his shoulders too.
- www.rsgleaders.com  I  https://415leaders.com  I  http://scottwilsonleaders.com
#171 - Chip's powerful voice reaches young people across the nations. He shares what life was like moving from the US to Israel and England, along with stories about change of cultures, and his work with Soul Children.
http://soulchildrenuk.com  I  www.youtube.com/user/chipkendall  I  www.youtube.com/c/OrbitronChannel
- info@soulchildrenuk.com  I  chip@chipkendall.com
#170 - Becky shares her powerful story of getting involved with fighting the exploitation of the vulnerable, in countries like Kenya, Pakistan and Afghanistan.
#169 - Matt shares how he caught a vision, not only for the emerging generations but also for an inter-generational perspective. His passion for discipleship in preparing the emerging generation for the years ahead is contagious.
https://zeochurch.com  I  www.instagram.com/mattsummerfield
#168 - Eitan’s incredible account of walking through tragedy, yet finding hope in the midst of it, is inspiring as he shares his faith journey, making Aliyah to Israel, and what he is currently involved in there.
www.fieldsofwheat.org  I  www.tentsofmercy.org
#167 - Israel, the child of a prominent Pastor, shares about his upbringing, his heart for the next generation and his passion for worship. His first song released on YouTube as of today has over 126 million views.
www.youtube.com/israelsubira  I  Spotify
YouTube Version Click Here

#166 - Ricky and Joanne share their journeys in figuring out how to reach those disillusioned by their experience of Church, while at the same time finding their own places. Ricky also shares his heart for men, and how he believes they are looking for something more than most churches offer.
- Joanne's book on Amazon Click Here.
YouTube Version Click Here

#165 - Steve talks about Dobbs v. Jackson, the USA abortion case. He addresses why we should care and how it impacts Roe v. Wade, which legalized abortion in the nation.
YouTube Version Click Here

#164 - Tisha shares how Polly Grimes, her mother, founded the Christian tourism industry in Israel, and how her passion inspired her to carry on her legacy. Tisha also shares her thoughts on new discoveries, and why everyone should make this life changing trip to Israel.
- www.tishamichelle.com  I  www.impactingisrael.com
YouTube Version Click Here

#163 - David's parents fled communist Romania for America, his journey has now taken his family to Iraq. Though many missionaries leave Iraq due to the extreme dangers, David and his family have chosen to remain. This is a family on mission! His story will inspire you!
YouTube Version Click Here

#162 - Have you ever had a fear that stopped you from doing what you know God is asking of you? In this episode Daphne shares about a terror she had to face on a regular basis in order to be obedient to the call of God on her life, and what happened when that terror threatened to become a reality.
YouTube Version Click Here

#161 - Life can change in a moment. Having spent years faithfully pastoring in Turkey, Andrew and his wife were suddenly thrown into a Turkish prison. His wife was released after 2 weeks, but Andrew spent 2 years inside, not knowing when he would get out. Andrew gives a raw account of what this was like, hitting rock bottom, and how he made it through. His situation gained global attention, taking him from prison to the White House within 24hrs of his release. Prepare to be deeply impacted.
YouTube Version Click Here

#160 - Rescuing people from Taliban controlled Afghanistan, brought Andrew and Mark together. In this episode Marks talks about near death experiences, Divine deliverance, and having other people’s lives in his hands while in the military. His post service recovery. and how life in the service was undergirded by his faith.
YouTube Version Click Here

#159 - Marty gives insight into his journey in the music scene, but also reflects on the world we are living in, and how he believes we will have to live radical lives for the Kingdom of God to be light in the midst of darkness. He finishes by singing the "Aaronic Blessing" over every listener.
www.MartyGoetz.com  I  www.ItsMishaMusic.com
YouTube Version Click Here

#158 - Ever felt unfulfilled, and that there must be more than this world offers? Despite being on tour with Bob Dylan and Joni Mitchell, Jennifer felt like this, until Bob’s girlfriend led her to Jesus. She was healed of Bell’s Palsy, and closed a chapter of her life to move into the next. Now, married to Marty Goetz, and mother to Misha life continues to be full of surprises in this musical family.
YouTube Version Click Here

#157 - Kate gives an honest and vulnerable account of her amazing journey serving Jesus as she encountered witchcraft, almost lost her husband, and finding her place in their marriage along the way.
New Covenant Church
- Episode 118: The Unexpected Path Of Obedience: https://radicallifestyle.simplecast.com/episodes/118-kate-jinadu
YouTube Version Click Here

#156 - Doug shares about his amazing book “Jerusalem Rising” which compares historical pictures to their modern day counterparts. This is not just about historical comparisons, it is also about a vitally important future, one in which the eternal destiny of nations will play out in this eternal city.
- www.doughershey.co  I  www.ezraadventures.com
YouTube Version Click Here

#155 - What happened to Noam when he set out for Japan to become a Ninja? How did his journey take an unexpected turn when he returned to Israel? Check out his intriguing story.
YouTube Version Click Here

#154 - We invited Eddie to speak about the work of Open Doors with persecuted people but the interview took an unexpected turn to generational discipleship. His insights are inspiring and motivational to reach this generation.

YouTube Version Click Here

#153 - What has persecution to do with us? How should we respond? Why is there weeping in the prison cells? Todd answers these and other questions based from his many meetings with the persecuted church. 
www.whenfaithisforbidden.com  I  www.vomradio.net  I  www.persecution.com
YouTube Version Click Here

#152 - Stan and Ashley speak frankly and with humor about their journey in parenting 6 children. Their decisions, grounded in their own values, and often determined before marriage, challenge the mindset of much of todays culture.
- The Felts Family YouTube: Click Here  I  Ashley Felts Facebook: Click Here  I  Instagram: Click Here
YouTube Version Click Here

#151 - Burt passionately shares his experiences from serving in the marines, to being part of some of the biggest fights in Boxing history, including Joe Frazer and Muhammad Ali. Hear how he engages with fighters from his time in the UFC and now Bellator MMA, and why he is loved by so many in combat sports and beyond.
Legend 2 Legend Podcast
YouTube Version Click Here

#150 - Richard tells how he spends his life helping others to fulfill their God given potential. From Africa to the USA, he encourages everyone to not put limits on what people can do, especially when raising up the next generation.
YouTube Version Click Here

#149 - Ronnie shares his experience behind the Iron curtain in Russia, being in Germany when the Berlin Wall came down, and a surprising word of encouragement for those who have adopted children.
YouTube Version Click Here

#148 - Karen shares her passion for the emerging generation being prepared for these days, and for giving them the right cause to live and die for.
YouTube Version Click Here

#147 - Tim's video of being arrested for the 2nd time in Canada as his children and wife watched on, went viral. On this episode he shares his experience, why he was arrested, and the lessons we can learn as we consider that what happened to him, could happen to us.
YouTube Version Click Here

#146 - Dean challenges us to consider what it might mean to “Die for Love” and how the East is leading the way, challenging us to follow in their footsteps, remaining faithful even in the face of extreme danger.
- www.deanbriggs.com
YouTube Version Click Here

#145 - Charlotte helps break down the questions, “Who are the Palestinians and where did they come from?” She helps wrestle with how we view this conflict, and how she believes some progress can be made.
YouTube Version Click Here

#144 - Shanna shares a funny story involving Wolf Blitzer and a bikini and how this encounter inspired her media career. Hear how life in journalism has affected her personally and her thoughts regarding the current situation in Israel.
- Israel Daily News: Apple Podcast  I  Spotify 
YouTube Version Click Here

#143 - Ashley shares her family’s adoption journey, from the Philippines and China. She reflects on her children’s words of encouragement, her husband’s example of the father heart of God, and the fight they now have to find the child they have been in the process of adopting who has ‘disappeared’ in China. Join the "army" of Prayer Warriors Ashley is challenging to rise up on behalf of children who desperately need a family.
- The Felts Family YouTube: Click Here  I  Ashley Felts Facebook: Click Here  I  Instagram: Click Here
- GoFundMe for Eagles Wings: Click Here  I  Eagles Wings China: Click Here  I  Eagles Wings China YouTube: Click Here
YouTube Version Click Here

#142 - Such a privilege to talk with Col. Richard Kemp about his time fighting terrorism and insurgency, and commanding British troops in some of the world’s toughest hotspots, consulting on leadership, security, intelligence, counter-terrorism and defense. He was appointed Member of the Order of the British Empire, and Commander of the Order of the British Empire.

The last five years of his military career were spent as head of the international terrorism team at the Joint Intelligence Committee, responsible for assessing growing global terrorism. He was also a member of Cobra, the government's top-level crisis management committee, chairing the Cobra Intelligence Group, responsible for coordinating national intelligence agencies.
- www.richard-kemp.com
YouTube Version Click Here

#141 - Brian shares the inspiring story of how his son passed away, and how that led him on a personal journey to Israel.
- Slide show about Taylor: Click Here  I  Brians my book, Walking Taylor Home: Click Here  I  Brians op-ed for the Jerusalem Post: Click Here
YouTube Version Click Here

#140 - How has COVID affected the emerging generation? Why is it so important to fight for them? Rachel exposes ‘the 2nd pandemic’ and shares her journey in starting a prayer network to stand and fight for the young people of the United Kingdom.
- Facebook Group  I  YouTube channel
YouTube Version Click Here

#139 - Justin, co-creator of the film “Hope In The Holy Land” exploring the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. gives behind the scenes insight, and the heart behind it's making. Their hope, and ours, is that viewers will gain a heart for Arabs and Jews, learn the history and discern the truth.
- www.justinkron.com  I  www.hopeintheholyland.com
YouTube Version Click Here

#138 - Jim shares his personal journey through marriage, with humor and wisdom, giving practical advice to help navigate work and family without neglecting your spouse.
Crescent City Rock Church
YouTube Version Click Here

#137 - Steve shares about his work with Life Choices, a pro-life organization supporting people wrestling with the possibly of abortion, adoption or keeping their child. Steve navigates this difficult subject with compassion and truth.
- www.lcfriends.org  I  www.missionfieldusa.com  I  www.aliyahamerica.com
YouTube Version Click Here

#136 - Bruce, a Grammy and Dove award winner, shares valuable insight into life as a successful worship leader. The lessons he learned along the way are important for all of us. We also hear how the Beatles inspired him, and funny stories including one about a flat-Earther he worked with. What was Bruce's response? Listen and find out!
- www.brucecarroll.com  I  Bruce Carroll Spotify
YouTube Version Click Here

#135 - Anne vulnerably takes us on her personal journey through a topic many see as too controversial, complicated or divisive: Israel.
www.G2gMandate.org/IssacharNetwork  I  www.G2gMandate.org/Israel
YouTube Version Click Here

#134 - Bob shares how one man's brokenness led to a vision inspiring men on a bike ride that would transform not only their lives but ultimately, the lives of cancer patients as well.
- https://raceroster.com/events/2021/47689/ride-2-rosemary-2021/pledge/participant/11686424
YouTube Version Click Here

#133 - Chris shares about his ministry in prisons and the impact it has both on himself and those he visits.
YouTube Version Click Here

#132 - Annette shares the struggle heroin brought into her family: a son leaving home, nearly dying twice, and her own journey of heartache until...
- To contact Annette email us here: info@G2gMandate.org
YouTube Version Click Here

#131 - Corey, formerly involved with nuclear power, shares his journey as a Pastor engaging with people over BLM, critical race theory, and defund the police movements. He includes great tips on navigating conversations like these.
www.celebrationchurch.org  I  www.youtube.com/c/CovenantCoopers
YouTube Version Click Here

#130 - Lisa shares her family’s deeply impacting journey, of her son Trey’s journey ‘to being healthy in heaven’ and the continuing shadow cancer throws over them as they walk this out moment by moment, with faith in Jesus.
- www.livingthelifeofchrist.com
YouTube Version Click Here

#129 - Chad (aka Jaxson Ryker, WWE Superstar) speaks about his journey from fulfilling childhood dreams of wrestling, joining the Marines after the tragedy of 911, and his parents support as he heard the call to join the WWE.
- www.instagram.com/jaxsonrykerwwe  I  www.twitter.com/jaxsonrykerwwe  I  YouTube Channel
YouTube Version Click Here

#128 - Stephen shares his passion for the nations, why India has a special place in his heart, and questions what people's perception of normal is.
www.instagram.com/sdaigle1  I  www.twitter.com/stephendaigle
YouTube Version Click Here

#127 - Ronie shares his story of losing both his parents to AIDS, joining a Watoto village and being raised to impact the nations which He is now doing as a worship leader.
www.limitlessworship.ke  I  www.youtube.com/limitlessworship
YouTube Version Click Here

#126 - Kathy explores at what age you can explore Biblical principles with surprising examples from her PhD dissertation.
- info@G2gMandate.org
YouTube Version Click Here

#125 - Chad shares his journey from music to becoming a pastor, and how his daughter's medical crisis drove him to die to self. All the while, his self made plans were replaced by God's.
- www.facebook.com/justplainchad  I  www.facebook.com/groups/celebrationmcc  I  www.youtube.com/channel/UCTnLGTv1gPdEIn0NfGxHmOA
YouTube Version Click Here

#124 - John shares from his experience lessons he learned about the Church, dealing with change, and difficult kitchen committees. By the end we are laughing too much to continue.
- www.celebrationchurch.org  I  johnjfrady.com
YouTube Version Click Here

#123 - David, an adoptive father, reveals some of the heart of adoption as he has experienced and understood it.
YouTube Version Click Here

#122 - Michael shares thoughts on the various tribulation perspectives; along with the need to be prepared for persecution, while maintaining hope for the future.
YouTube Version Click Here

#121 - When you ask why there is a struggle the answer may surprise you! Abe shares about such a time, and how this led to a heart transformation that resulted in explosive church growth across Brazil and now into the nations.
YouTube Version Click Here

#120 - David speaks about his involvement with Ironman competition, drawing Biblical principles from training, and shares inspiring stories of overcoming tremendous challenges.
YouTube Version Click Here

#119 - Misha speaks about her family, the direction of her life, her passion for music, and her thoughts about raising her son during these challenging times.
- www.itsmishamusic.com
YouTube Version Click Here

#118 - What was the result when race, sacrifice and leaving father and mother, houses and lands collided? Kate shares her story mixed with drama, quiet obedience and ultimate victory, bringing hope in today's world where these collisions still unfold.
- New Covenant Church  I  Liberty
YouTube Version Click Here

#117 - Dale shares what he believes it means to be ‘People of the Way’ in turbulent times, and how we must prepare for more times of shaking.
- www.kki.global - www.ywam.org
YouTube Version Click Here

#116 - Lynn shares his journey from Hawaii to Afghanistan, the lessons he learned along the way and how his next generation is following in his footsteps down a road full of danger. Why? To be light to the nations.
- www.ywamharpenden.org  I  www.lynngreen.blog  I  www.ywam.org
YouTube Version Click Here

#115 - Noel challenges listeners to consider the priority and impact of each of the following areas: discipleship, family and financial giving.
www.mytownmiracles.org  I  www.menistry.com  I  www.nplmem.org
YouTube Version Click Here

#114 - Can mediation be effective in business and ministry? How do they differ? What can we learn from each? Danny inspires and challenges listeners through his own experiences in both spheres.
www.absconstructionclaims.com  I  abstupp@aol.com
YouTube Version Click Here

#113 - Discussion about the end of the age has become more prevalent during the past year. Jake gives a simplified overview of this time, exploring how the end will come about, and provoking listeners to carefully consider their view point in light of this moment in history.
www.standfirmministries.com  I  www.standfirmkids.com
YouTube Version Click Here

#112 - From India to Birmingham, From Marxism/Sikh to sold out lover of Jesus. From a corner shop to a city changer. This is Ravi's amazing and challenging story.
YouTube Version Click Here

#111 - Ron Luce shares a proven way for exponential church growth. His "open secret" is shared in this episode, and is not as difficult as you may think, but requires a shift in mindset, priorities and resources. This is an exciting and challenging episode for leaders.
- www.generationnext.me
YouTube Version Click Here

#110 - How can we prepare for leaving lockdown when, for some, this can be a terrifying experience? Steph explains how she has tackled this issue.
YouTube Version Click Here

#109 - Warning, this episode might make you shuffle in your seat!
Dominic speaks about some difficult and uncomfortable questions, we should all be wrestling with e.g. Has COVID become a god? What do we do when the government comes against God's word? Do we really count the cost of following of Jesus?
www.nowbelieve.com  I  www.jesusfields.com
YouTube Version Click Here

#108 - How does life in the military affect marriages? Andrew and Tayler give a vulnerable account of their own experience, and encouragement to others who live "on the move.”
YouTube Version Click Here

#107 - Todd speaks powerfully about his work with Voice of the Martyrs, sharing stories of persecuted people around the world while also giving a glimpse into his upbringing, and how it prepared him for the role he plays today.
- www.whenfaithisforbidden.com  I  www.vomradio.net  I  www.persecution.com
YouTube Version Click Here

#106 - Mollie shares her family’s journey with infertility, walking through tragedy, and how she used her pain for purpose. Not only fighting for her own family, but now through her advocacy work, she is fighting for families across America.
- www.tnfertilityadvocates.com
YouTube Version Click Here

#105 - Daphne and Andrew discuss the role of parents in preparing their children for the years ahead, as Biblical Prophecy unfolds.
YouTube Version Click Here

#104 - Pastor Yang gives challenging encouragement to all generations to live a life that counts as he shares stories of transformation.
YouTube Version Click Here

#103 - Don't miss Bodie's captivating account of her journey to writing over 70 books, which capture the minds and hearts of all generations worldwide.
YouTube Version Click Here

#102 - Merv and Merla recount with passion, humor and challenge, their journey from professional musicians, composing over 500 songs, miracles along the way, founding a movement bringing the nations to the Feast of Tabernacles and so much more.
www.mervandmerla.com  I  www.youtube.com/user/mervandmerla
YouTube Version Click Here

#101 - Loic challenges us to consider how this challenging season is impacting and ‘sacrificing’ so many aspects of this emerging generation’s lives, hopes and dreams, and what we can do about it.
www.ywam.org  I  www.kkint.net
YouTube Version Click Here

#100 - Andrew and Daphne talk about their heart to inspire, equip, and prepare through the first 100 episodes of Radical Lifestyle. Their reflections on struggling to hold themselves together through laughter and tears, confronting tech difficulties, and being challenged themselves, taking you behind the scenes of the podcast.
YouTube Version Click Here

#99 - Is it possible to train and prepare leaders for times we have not lived through? Andrew and Daphne look at Biblical examples to inspire and equip us for this task.
YouTube Version Click Here

#98 - Russell shares his emotional journey from the "American Dream" to the wilderness.
*If you are struggling with suicidal thoughts please seek help. You do not have to struggle alone.
YouTube Version Click Here

#97 - Josh shares his experience and thoughts on an element of the Great Commission that is often overlooked.
YouTube Version Click Here

#96 - Andrew and Daphne discuss whether unity can be achieved in today's climate of divisiveness.
YouTube Version Click Here

#95 - Pat speaks about how he took a bike, a prayer, and a song to the streets of London during the lockdown, which led to exposure on major news outlets around the world.
- St Peter's Notting Hill YouTube Channel
YouTube Version Click Here

#94 - Chris talks about combatting deception in the midst of confusion and manipulation.
- Storehouse 7 Ministries Podcast On Apple
YouTube Version Click Here

#93 - Marc shares about his journey in music, which led to becoming a worship leader, and how, through struggles, his classic song “Surrender” was birthed.
- Marc James on Spotify  I  www.VerraCruz.com
YouTube Version Click Here

#92 - Jennie gives inspiration and practical tips to help navigate this season in relation to the impact on education and families.
- Contact Jennie here: info@G2gMandate.org  I  Jennie Episode No 62  I  Bryanna Episode No 22
YouTube Version Click Here

#91 - Dana shares her personal story through troubled times, her family's ongoing struggles, and the victories they encounter on the journey.
YouTube Version Click Here

#90 - What are the most important things you would share with a child in times like this? Olly reflects on his top 3 and explains why he sees these as important.
YouTube Version Click Here

#89 - Chris examines the current situation in the Middle East relating to Israel, Iran, and Turkey.
www.cbnnews.com  I  www.jerusalemdateline.com
YouTube Version Click Here


#88 - Jake gives simple steps to start the journey towards self-sustainability and becoming less dependent on others. He will both inspire and equip you!
www.expectingclasses.co.uk  I  www.jakemahal.com
YouTube Version Click Here

#87 - Simon helps us search for truth in the midst of false and/or biased news and leads us into unfolding Biblical Prophecy.
YouTube Version Click Here

#86 - Noam and Deborah discuss the implications of identifying people "like Saul of Tarsus" who oppose & persecute and how our response to them can have eternal consequences one way or the other.
YouTube Version Click Here

#85 - Andrew and Daphne discuss an often overlooked aspect of discipleship and the implications of neglecting it.
- G2g Books
YouTube Version Click Here

#84 - Margaret answers the question, "When so many voices are capturing our attention and in a world of increasing turmoil, is it possible to hear God's voice, and if so, how?"
www.HearingGodsVoiceUK.net  I  margaretcornell44@gmail.com  I  Mark Virkler: www.cwgministries.org
YouTube Version Click Here

#83 - Jake shares the heart of his book "Spiritual Prepping" and how we can spiritually prepare for the days ahead.
- Stand Firm  I  Stand Firm Kids
YouTube Version Click Here

#82 - Michael and David speak about the unfolding prophetic drama centered around Israel, including the valley of Jehoshaphat.
- Firm  I  IsraelU
YouTube Version Click Here

#81 - Why are people being hurt and overwhelmed with End Times teaching? Andrew and Daphne look at an apparent lack of focus on Biblical discipleship and the takeover of social media, etc., in preparing people in these last days!
- Issachar Network
YouTube Version Click Here

#80 - Philip shares about his journey in the prophetic, his concerns about the movement today, and gives advice for going forward.
- To Contact Philip Lye email: Info@G2gMandate.org
YouTube Version Click Here

#79 - Ben shares about the possibility of us all being able to have a HOPE-full New Year.
- Tikkun America
YouTube Version Click Here

#78 - Andrew and Daphne share how Radical Lifestyle podcasts have impacted them during the challenging year of 2020, with their thanks to listeners for helping to take Radical Lifestyle to over 45 nations.
- Issachar Network
YouTube Version Click here

#77 - Helen speaks passionately about Exodus Cry and their campaign Traffickinghub, which has been taking on Pornhub, and its parent company Mindgeek, because of their exploitation of human trafficking and child abuse. Listen, be inspired, and take action.
- ExodusCry.com I Nefarious on YouTube I NY Times Article
YouTube Version Click Here

#76 - Yotam, a former Israel navy seal commander, now a clinical physiologist, shares compelling stories and principles from his new book “A Time to Kill, A Time to Heal: An Israeli Navy Seal’s Journey.”
- You can order Yotam's book on Amazon.
YouTube Version Click Here

#75 - What about the Abraham Accords? Are they all they seem? Is it good news? What is happening behind the scenes? This episode seeks to explore these questions. Don't miss it!
YouTube Version Click Here

#74 - Katharine talks about the importance of the Temple and Temple Mount, from a historical but also future perspective, especially in light of the Abraham Accords.
YouTube Version Click Here

#73 - Abbiih tells her story of overcoming, offering help and hope to others struggling with anxiety and identity.
YouTube Version Click Here

#72 - Howe Tung and Chuei Lian passionately share about their lives and vital work across governments and nations, bringing transformation to marriages and families.
YouTube Version Click Here

#71 - David speaks with passion about the phrase "As in the days of Noah..." and the importance of community as days become increasingly difficult.
www.davidsliker.com I www.ihopkc.org I www.mikebickle.org
YouTube Version Click Here

#70 - Ann shares how she became a voice for those caught in sexual exploitation. “God gives me the energy, and every day I can do it again. I am not working. It is my life. When God calls you, it is your life.”

#69 - Daniel reflects on fascinating elements of Islam's history, what we can learn from it, warnings the West needs to heed, the partnership between Islam and socialism, and the long-term future of this alliance. This is both rifting and shocking.
www.Israelislamandendtimes.com I www.culturewarresource.com

YouTube Version Click Here

#68 - John's family are involved in missions, including to dangerous parts of the earth. Why do this? Why are they willing to put their lives on the line? This eye-opening episode will give you insight and, at the same time, hopefully, "shock you."

#67 - Lisa speaks about her family's encounter with cancer and COVID, then engages passionately about issues surrounding President Donald Trump.
www.somebodycares.org I www.lisastringer.com

#66 - Stephanie shares about how you can have victory even through the strongest of storms.
www.stephaniehenderson.org I www.sheleadsministries.com

#65 - Michael Dickson and Dr. Naomi Baum share about their exciting and challenging book "Isresilience," which gives keys to resilience! Not only do they give a glimpse into the stories of Israelis who thrive against all odds, but they also reveal life-changing insight into how we, too, can be resilient in times like this.
www.standwithus.com I www.naomibaum.com I www.isresilience.com

#64 - Aaron engages us with disaster preparedness as we share about our own life experiences, how we can learn from them, and resetting our priorities as we plan ahead.

#63 - Cody vulnerably shares his journey through "the dark night of his soul" and finding light at the end of the tunnel. When so many are struggling, may his journey be an encouragement to you. You are not alone.
www.fieldsofwheat.org I www.reviveisrael.org

#62 - Jennie inspires and challenges as she shares about how she raised her four boys with clarity of vision to prepare them to stand strong in today's world.

#61 - Don's inspirational episode gives keys to being prepared for the end times and what our perspective should be.

#60 - Libby talks about Thailand, the Beginnings Foundation, which helps women and girls caught in the sex trade, and their annual Christmas parties during Covid.

#59 - Daniel, an emerging leader, shares the impact his father has had and continues to have on his life as he leads through the shaking.

#58 - Michelle engages in a conversation about being a woman in ministry. Her approach is refreshing, insightful, honoring, and full of wisdom for men and women alike.
www.celebrationchurch.org I michelleg@celebrationchurch.org

#57 - Brendon and Cathie have a wealth of experience in reaching children. They give a wake-up call about the potential and importance of intentionality in raising, equipping, and inspiring them for the return of the King.

#56 - Noam and Deborah speak engagingly about the times we're living in and their own story of how a Ninja found his Messiah!

#55 - Rudy has over 25 military honors, including the Defense Meritorious Service Medal for his direct involvement in the rescue of the Maersk Alabama’s Capt. Philips. He speaks engagingly about his roots in Lebanon, where he has ended up today, and his work with persecuted people around the world.
www.theblessingprojects.org  I  www.wmrgrp.com

#54 - Paul, Lead Pastor of Victory in Tulsa, Oklahoma, speaks with us about amazing things God is doing during this challenging time and the impact of the generations within his own life.

#53 - David, a leader at the International House of Prayer in Kansas City, gives us a glimpse into his inspiring and challenging new book "The Nations Rage."

#52 - Mark, an Independent Executive Director with The John Maxwell Team, speaks about the values of leadership, leading others, and leading yourself. As a highly experienced coach, consultant, and trainer, his wisdom and experience will inspire you.

#51 - Justin speaks about his journey to and on the platform as a worship leader, as we reflect on ours as speakers and what we all learnt along the way.

#50 - Jonathan speaks about the challenges of life, God's perception of them, and how they shape us for what's to come.
- Global Day Of Prayer And Worship - www.ndopw.co.uk
- City Chapel - www.citychapel.org.uk

#49 - Wayne speaks with us about the ongoing battle over Jerusalem and the implications for the future.
- King of Kings Ministries - https://kkm.network
- FIRM - https://firm.org.il

#48 - Andrew and Daphne talk about how the word "yes" took them around the world and continues to move them forward.

#47 - Joel speaks about the Middle East and the End Times.

#46 - Kristal, an ex-dominatrix, speaks about whether BDSM is as harmless as films like 50 Shades lead us to believe.

#45 - Isaias speaks about how we can prepare the next generation for the years ahead.

#44 - Dan and Nori speak about raising your children with a solid foundation in Christ and its importance for their lives in navigating the years ahead of them.

#43 - Clarice speaks about how lockdown has impacted child abuse, with many children locked at home with their abusers, and the huge task ahead to combat this issue and bring healing and hope.

#42 - Sean speaks about the heart of discipleship, what he sees happening on the streets of America and how God is moving during these times of shaking.

#41 - Giles speaks about pressing on when going through hard times and where we can find hope while going through them.

#40 - Doug points us back to the only place that will matter as this age winds up, the cross.
www.DougStringer.com  I  www.SomebodyCares.org

#39 - Andrew and Daphne from Generation 2 generation talk about this hidden testimony and the staggering implications of not releasing it.

#38 - David, from the International House Of Prayer in Kansas City, speaks about how we can understand and respond in times of crisis.
www.davidsliker.com  I  www.ihopkc.org

#37 - Years of faithfulness and fruitfulness are an inspiration to the generations following Dr. Ralph Neighbour.

#36 - Andrea sounds an alarm to the church, giving challenging insight into the current situation facing it today.


#35 - Sherrie speaks about what the Isaiah 19 Highway is, why it is increasingly important, and what it has to do with the unfolding Biblical narrative for the Middle East.

#34 - Andrew and Daphne address the question, "God, Ministry, Family: what's the order of priority?" This question has caused pain around the world. They explore why and what the answer is.


#33 - Josiah speaks about his family legacy, his father’s death, and the generations that have followed now impacting the nations.


#32 - Katherine speaks on Ezekiel 36, especially relating to the Biblical Heartland of Judea and Samaria and the Isaiah 19 Highway.


#31 - Ron gives an update on Shelanu.tv and his thoughts on responding to opposition.
www.tikkun.tv  I  www.roncantor.com


#30 - Dr. Michael Brown speaks about seeing a moral, cultural, and spiritual revolution and the impact today.

Rumble Version Click Here  I  YouTube Version Click Here

#29 - Guilherme Schelb speaks about the impact of socialism in Brazil and his fight against child abuse.

Rumble Version Click Here  I  YouTube Version Click Here

#28 - Kameel speaks about where we can find hope during the current culture wars.

Rumble Version Click Here  I  YouTube Version Click Here

#27 - Bob Willumsen speaks with us about leadership, giving helpful tips to navigate these challenging times. He's a speaker, trainer, and coach with the John Maxwell Team.


#26 - Joel talks about how he went from church planting in South America to cell church guru and the differences he sees between churches thriving and those struggling during these challenging times.

Rumble Version Click Here  I  YouTube Version Click Here

#25 - John talks to us about his prophetic words that have spread rapidly around the world and his thoughts on prophecy generally.
Prophetic Words Pt 1: Click Here / Pt 2: Click Here
www.openheavenchurch.com.au  I  www.kingdomreign.org.au


#24 - Peter talks about discipleship and adjusting to the times we're living in.

Rumble Version Click Here  I  YouTube Version Click Here

#23 - Steven talks about the challenges faced by Jewish communities today and how we can support them.
- Magen David Adom website: www.mdauk.org


#22 - Bryanna talks to us about her homeschooling experience and the benefits, especially in today's world.
- Home Life Academy website: www.HomeLifeAcademy.com


#21 - We talk with Charlotte about issues surrounding racism, antisemitism, and what her perspective is on the tearing down of history using modern-day thought.
For more information on the StandWithUs Crash Course, email: charlottek@standwithus.com

Rumble Version Coming Soon  I  YouTube Version Click Here

#20 - Becky speaks about her father's legacy, who left the USA for Brazil, and how his vision and passion continue through 3 generations of his family and into the nations.

Rumble Version Click Here  I  YouTube Version Click Here

#19 - Joma, who is currently running for the Iowa House Of Representatives, speaks about racism and how we can move forward from this current unrest. When the phrase "black lives matter" is used, it is not referring to the movement itself but the reality that black people are valuable and do matter.

#18 - Scott joins us as we talk about going through wilderness experiences and the outpouring of The Spirit.

Rumble Version Click Here  I  YouTube Version Click Here

#17 - Charlotte from StandWithUs joins us as we talk about Zionism, compassion, Israel, and the Jewish people and how we can be supportive in these days.
www.StandWithUs.com  I  www.Quest4Truth.org

Rumble Version Click Here  I  YouTube Version Click Here

#16 - Matthias talks about his research into trust from a cross-cultural perspective in the corporate world and how these principles apply to our personal lives.


#15 - Brian, a writer for the Jerusalem Post, joins us as we talk about antisemitism during COVID-19, conspiracy theories, and what he sees happening going forward.

#14 - Katie talks about her radio program "Sex In The Inner City," researching the effects of prostitution in her community and her discovery of its links to human trafficking.
"Sex In The Inner City" Program: Click Here


#13 - Chris talks about his dying, coming back to life, discipleship, and what he feels God is saying about the years ahead.

Rumble Version Click Here  I  YouTube Version Click Here

#12 - Jonathan joins us to talk about his experiences from homeschooling to Worldview Academy, International Travel to breaking glass and spilt sugar.


#11 - What have the effects of the world going into quarantine had on human trafficking?
Websites we reference:
www.covenanteyes.com  I  www.fightthenewdrug.org  I  www.xxxchurch.com


#10 - A story from one of our trips to a freezing Russia.


#9 - A conversation with Dinesh about persecution and the emerging generation in India.
- To contact Dinesh, email us here: Info@G2gMandate.org


#8 - Our time doing Tsunami Relief in Thailand provided us with many stories. Here are a few of them.


#7 - Why is it important to keep our focus during times of upheaval?


#6 - What can we learn from Moses and Joshua to help us prepare for the years ahead?


#5 - How can we come out winning in every situation?


#4 - During times of uncertainty, where can we focus?


#3 - An interview with Dinesh about what he is doing to reach the unreached.
To contact Dinesh, email us here: Info@G2gMandate.org.


#2 - Here is an update from Operation Open Eyes, our anti-human trafficking initiative.


#1 - A quick update from England, having just returned from America during global unrest.