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Andrew BW Be Present
The importance of individual care.

"It is vital we care for each other, support our family, and church body by taking the time to ask how we are emotionally, spiritually, mentally and even physically. We need to show up and enter into others sufferings."

Daphne B/W The Family Priority
Family is a cell within the cell.

"When God ordered His people Israel He placed: The family within the tribe, the tribe within the nation. And in the same way, the family is within the cell, the cell within the congregation."

Andrew BW Attack The Gates
Light was created for darkness.

"Jesus was saying His Church is on the offensive, not in the defensive, which is how the church often acts. No, the gates of hell, the defenses of hell, shall not prevail against the attack of the church."

Andrew BW Bring Back The Celebration
Let the Celebration live up to its name... a celebration of the King.

"Over the years of traveling the world, working with Churches in all streams and denominations, I often wonder why fun and celebration seems to dissipate once we enter Church doors. We call ourselves a community, a family, but in all those things, fun, laughter, and celebrations take place."

Andrew BW Generational Vulnerability
Can generations be mutually vulnerable in Small Groups?

"Being naturally vulnerable, children can lead the way. They are our role models if we allow space for them. NEVER let anyone laugh when a child is being vulnerable. An adult would be upset so much if this happened to them, yet we think it is ok to laugh at children’s honest innocence."

Daphne B/W Such Is Encouragement
Ten implications of encouragement.

"Encouragement can even be an act of bravery."

Daphne B/W Start Young And Model It Well
What age do you learn submission?

" have the opportunity to learn something now that many adults never learn."

Andrew BW Submission Under Fire
What is a Biblical perspective to submission to those in authority over us?

"David’s refusal to attack Saul wasn’t based on strategic or even moral grounds, but because of respect for and fear of God, rebellion against Saul was tantamount to rebellion against the Lord who anointed Saul..."

Andrew BW Generational Myth And Truth
What is a generational myth and truth?

"When the norm is that we separate them in the basic community, it’s counter to the Biblical generational culture."

Daphne B/W Truths and Myths Surrounding the Emerging Generation
Here is a collection of myths and truths

"Actions speak louder than words! I see these myths actively lived out through cells, resulting in the emerging generation often feeling undervalued and not reaching their full potential."

Andrew BW
Watchman On The Walls
What can we learn from Habakkuk about listening?

"If we don’t pause to listen to those around us, we not only stunt our ability to learn and grow, we also stunt the growth of others. If Habakkuk didn’t pause to hear from God, he would not have God’s perspective regarding his surroundings – only His own."

Daphne B/W 6 Keys To Listen
Here are 6 keys to listening

"Without listening, we are disconnected. Listening connects heart to heart with Him and with each other."

Andrew BW A Response to New York and Iowa's stance on Abortion

"It’s all of our responsibilities to stand, not just against something, but for something. Let’s not just stand against abortion but raise our voices in support of fostering and adoption, for the unity of family and the strength of community."

Andrew BW
Head In The Clouds And Feet On The Ground
The importance of dreaming and casting vision.

"After dreaming Gods vision, we need to focus on effective strategy to move into them, discover what needs addressing and where we need to plough and sow to reap the fruits of dreams."

Andrew BW What Age to Climb A Mountain?
Raising and encouraging the emerging generation to take risks for the advancement of Gods Kingdom.

"Let them start young and see what God can and will do if we as adults trust Him and them – to “climb the mountains” we cannot climb!"

Andrew BW No Headless Chickens
The importance of lead pastors being actively involved in the small group life of the church.

"In the small group vision it’s virtually impossible to create a culture the lead pastor isn’t on-board with, actively involved in and leading the way. He sets the vision and establishes the culture."

Andrew BW While In Prison
How can lead pastors keep their DNA running through the small groups when they can't be everywhere?

"Pastors, unfortunately, cannot be everywhere and don’t have the time to visit all the small groups. They need to raise up coaches..."