A Small Group of Cheerleaders

Progress is one step forward. It is not comparable; it is not competitive – it is one step forward!

How can you encourage progress? How can you empower and coach progress?

First, by knowing where the person is at, and in which direction they need to go. If every person has taken one step forward, the small group has 100% progress.

Too often, we define progress by generalized goals – by formulating what the next step should be and marching the small group like an army in step. However, true progress should be determined by discipleship, by cheering on every member, and defining progress by personal achievements that are not compared to another, just defined by each person’s “next step.”

When one person who has never shared before shares in a small group meeting, this is wonderful progress. When a talkative person stays silent for others to share, this is great progress. When an intern becomes a small group leader, this is excellent progress.

The key is to equally applaud and recognize each step. Why? Because this reflects our God who knows each of us, the hairs of our head, and every breath we take. He knows me. He knows you, and He is cheering us on through every challenge and helping us at every step.

Be a small group of cheerleaders. Be a small group who recognizes every step forward. Go, go, go – I am cheering you all on!

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