And So Does Jesus

Some are willing to be hospitable when it’s comfortable and not costly. I’m referring to:

  • Those whose homes are always tidy.
  • Those whose homes have expensive furniture.
  • Those who can afford great refreshments.
  • Those who have plenty of room without disturbing their own comfort.
  • Those who know they only have to open their homes once every two months.
  • Those who know there won’t be any children in the small group to put finger marks on the windows.

But those who go to those homes know there is a standard to keep and hospitality comes with conditions.

However, there’s another group with a different attitude:

  • Those who open their doors, hearts, and homes.
  • Those who have little, but delight to share it.
  • Those who don’t compare what they have to others.
  • Those who have received love and want to share that love with others.
  • Those who know their homes belong to the King of Kings.
  • Those who know that when they welcome others, they welcome Jesus.

And those who go to those homes know they are loved, welcomed and “made to feel comfortable.” And so does Jesus!

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