Developing The Next Generation
Through Multiplying Small Groups

Normal development means we train babies to be toddlers, toddlers to be children, children to be teenagers, and teenagers to be adults. Nothing too profound about that – until it comes to church life! The disconnection between the various stages of life means that we have to start over each time. When a church has one vision and one strategy for the whole church (which includes every generation) then natural growth takes place and healthy adults are the result.

Applying this to small group life means that babies need to be part of a small group with their parents and grow in that community. If they experience church within the context of a healthy small group, it will be automatic to live that out as they grow. It is experiential training at its very best, and it’s in this natural God-given way we learn.

Sadly, one of the things I find myself doing is helping people to understand this simple concept and not waiting until the teenage years or even adulthood to give people the opportunity for small group life.

The responsibility of developing a generation in healthy small groups can be equated to the responsibility of raising them in healthy families. Both will result in multiplication and growth because healthy relationships have this natural outcome.

If this all sounds too simple, well, it is! So, what hinders us from bringing every member of the body of Christ to experience His kingdom together? Only our preconceived ideas, traditions, and a lack of focus on the emerging generation.

Go, go, go! It really is this simple, and we are here to help!

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