Flying High, Flying Strong

It confuses and saddens me that principles that are proven and embraced are so often only implemented with adults. Unity is everyone going in one direction, with one vision and one strategy. “Everyone” is every generation – children, young people, and adults.

So – if with two wings we can fly – then the emerging generation needs two wings to fly, too.


  • They need to know the transcendent power of the Almighty God expressed through the coming together of His people. Throughout the Bible they were totally part of the nations’ large gatherings
  • They need to know the intimacy of His presence through the smaller groups as in the household and meetings in homes.

Biblically they were part of both!

There are various ways this can happen in the local church:

  • Taking part in the larger Sunday Celebration with their families and attending a small group (peer or intergenerational) during the week.
  • Having a Celebration with their peers 1 Sunday, then 2 weeks (for example) in the small group meeting applying the Word given in the Celebration.

Whatever combination works best for the local body – but it is non-negotiable, they need the two wings!

All the principles previously written about in the blogs this month will apply to the emerging generation of children and young people, and I write this at the beginning of the month without reading the other blogs, because principles and values apply to every generation.

Simply – let’s see this emerging generation flying high, flying strong, and flying to take the nations for Jesus. The King is coming!


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