Hearing His Voice: Three Questions &
Two Checks for Every Generation!

Question I always ask Pastors and leaders are:

  • Are your people listening to God, or are they only listening to you?”
  • Is any time spent listening to Him when you are together?”

This applies to children, young people, and adults. Any age can hear Him!

Are we encouraging people to identify how they hear Him best? He speaks in different ways to different people. I learned this when I asked God why I did not have faith like a friend of mine. His response was, “You do.” “Where?” I asked, to which He replied, “Your faith is in your enthusiasm.” So I could identify my faith. Similarly, people (adults, children, and teens) need to be able to identify how they hear Him best.

So often people are too quick to “hear Him” in order to rush off and “obey.” This is why things go so wrong when we repeatedly hear, “God told me to… “ say this, do that, etc. God gets the blame.

I teach people to always ask 3 questions:

  • What did God say to do or say?
  • When did He say to do or say it?
  • How did He say to do or say it?

Problems come when only the first is heard.

Then to take two checks:

  • Does this line up with the Bible?
  • Do others agree it is from God? (Accountability)

To help with this, I have written 8 weeks of small group material helping people to study the Bible for themselves. Why? Because we have become too dependent on teachers, books, and so forth. We have not sufficiently equipped the average member to study the Word themselves in an effective, but even fun, way. In my material, I provide a different way to experience hearing the voice of God. I am happy to send these as an attachment. Many churches have had all their small groups go through this more than once (it is suitable for older children and teens through adults).

I also have a bookTalking and Listening, that parents can use to disciple their children to hear His voice. It will disciple the adult, too, as Biblical principles span generations. This is available at www.G2gMandate.org.

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