Let’s Say It Again
(and Again, and Again, and Again, and Again)!

Let me revert to the simple message that seems to need to be repeated over and over through Generation 2 generation’s ministry for over 25 years.

It is a message that changes the way we see a huge part of the application of Bible, that will transform the way we do church and decision making. It will even change the wording on bulletins!

If you follow my blogs and ministry, you will already know what is coming - and I hope and pray that, for the sake of the Body Of Christ and the emerging generation, that you, too, are passing on this simple yet deeply profound message.

Here are the guidelines I was given for writing:

  • From my group to your group
  • The best leaders guide the group away from “my group” to “our group”
  • Which means that everyone is participating, using their gifts, and
  • Becoming the priesthood of all believers.

So, I wonder who you “saw” in those words: group, leaders, everyone, priesthood. Biblically they are interpreted: adults, young people, and children.

So please comment below and encourage each of us how your children and young people are using their gifts and becoming the priesthood of all believers in your children’s, youth, and multi-generational small groups.

We want to cheer you on!

And if they are not, let’s help you restore God’s mandate for a lively, city-taking, nation-changing, great commission-completing church (adults, young people, and children).


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