My Growing Concern

I know I am deviating from this month’s topic, but I want to express a growing concern:

We have become so dependent on leaders, teacher, and resources, that many believe they are unable to study the Word, hear God, pray for themselves, or be deeply impacted without them. None of these are “wrong,” but suppose our members woke up one morning to find “all” they had was the Bible? I believe it is time to empower our small groups’ members to study the word and to be secure in hearing God for themselves. With this in mind, I have written and attached 8 weeks' worth of small group materials (sorry, but it’s only in English) which will empower the small group and individuals within it to do all the above within a setting of accountability and encouragement.

Teenagers will really enjoy these materials, too.

Here are some practical guidelines to empower individuals and the small group as a whole:


  • For the group to find out what they can understand and apply, NOT what they don’t understand (let those things go).
  • For the group to be empowered to read, pray, hear God, and minister.
  • For the group to work together, but also as individuals.

The Pastor should choose a passage of Scripture:

  • Either a whole book (if not too long!) or consecutive passages, so people feel they have achieved studying a substantial portion of Scripture.
  • Each week, give the small groups no more than 12 consecutive verses from the chosen passage.


  • Follow the guidelines very carefully so not to deviate back to dependence on the group or a teacher, etc.
  • Be careful not to move into “the one who knows it all” mode, but let the group talk about it amongst themselves.
  • The leader’s role is to facilitate the group back to Biblical truths if they stray away, without the group feeling as if they “got it wrong.”
  • Keep all of the materials - the group will need them on week 8.

Talking and Listening time:

  • Encourage spontaneity; adults think things through too much, instead of having a flow from their spirits (children are way better as this - they are our role models!)
  • Use quiet instrumental music (no words as they can conflict with members “hearing God”).
  • Share as many responses as possible: always asking if it agrees with the Bible and if others in the group think it is what God might say.
  • It is okay to practice hearing God - that is how we learn in any sphere of life!

Enjoy these materials.  I would love to have some feedback from your small groups when they have finished!


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