My “Aha!” Moment

I had a friend who used to say a lot of:
“I believe God for …,” and “I have faith for …”.

I watched his walk of faith and said to Jesus one day,
“I wish I had faith like that.”

He replied,
“You do have!”

To which I responded,

He quietly said,
“Your faith is in your enthusiasm!”

Aha – I thought. He is right (of course!!!).

When I am enthusiastic, I am unstoppable!

Then I began to consider how important it is to help people identify how they express worship or praise best, how they hear God clearest (there are so many ways), how they spend time with Him, etc. There is a tendency to subconsciously think we do these things in a certain way.

Soooooo – what about worship?

I do not sing with any degree of expertise. In fact, my children have threatened to walk out if I ever sing into the microphone! I do not play an instrument with any degree of efficiency (I used to play the organ for a small mission hall as a child – that is it!).


I lead worship – lead literally tens of thousands in worship. I am a worshipper. I am a worship leader – the way God created me to worship. I lead in the way God created me to worship!
Surely one of the most important aspects of discipleship is to help people identify how God created them to express worship. That means giving them the opportunity to experience many forms of worship.
Small group is a great place to do that!


Post Script Encouragement:
Link worship to the word – so there is a flow. If the word is “Prayer,” then worship along that theme. Have themes in worship over a few weeks so people can experience the depth, like the Names of God: each week a different one.

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