Our CREATOR Passes On Creativity to His CREATION

God is a creative God. Everything He created is different, even the smallest snowflake. I sometimes wonder if He says “Oh no, they are doing that AGAIN!” Of course, He would not say that as He looks at our hearts, but if we are connecting with the Creator, should we not reflect the wonder of His creativity? He created that creative spirit as part of the wonder of who He made us to be.

Creativity releases us to express ourselves in many ways. Not just in speaking and listening, but in many dimensions, including the group lesson. The small group is perfectly designed for experiential learning, including the lesson and the worship. Worship touches the heart of the Creator and allows people to express themselves in ways that might be more personal to them. The lesson allows people to apply God’s Word and interact with it.

God told His people to make memorials, to write things down, to act out prophecy, to repeat stories, and to hold feasts and festivals. Remember that Jesus told stories, featured children, walked on the water, invited people into his home, taught by the seashore, and so forth. He healed people by touching them, putting mud on their eyes, allowing people to touch the hem of his garment, raising the dead, and so the list goes on.  No formula. Rather, an expression of the Creator’s creativity. And He wants His creation to be like Him.

In addition, every generation enters into its own creativity (there should be no age distinction) as an expression of God’s creation.


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