Take Care of the Shepherd

Take care of the Shepherd and the Shepherd will be able to care for the sheep.

Many leaders feel guilty taking time out to relax, have a hobby, and spend quality time with their families. On many levels this can have detrimental effect. When a leader takes care of himself and his family, the small group leader:

  • Lives according to Biblical principles of leadership - if a man does not know how to rule his own home, how will he take care of the church of God (1 Timothy 3:5)? Caring for family, includes having fun with them, being there when they need you, and leading them in word and deed in a Kingdom lifestyle.
  • Takes care of his primary small group & his family. The values of small group must first be lived out at home. He is the small group/family leader here!
  • Ensures his children see ministry as a privilege, not something that hurts them.

What shall it profit a man if he gains multiplication, etc., and loses his own children? Ministry is given to bless our children, not harm them by giving them an absent parent, or a wife an absent husband.

  • Models to other small group members how to set good priorities and care for their families. If the leader has times when he cannot be reached either by phone or in person, it models to others how to set good boundaries. If there is a need to answer the phone, he could partner with another leader and agree to take each other’s emergency calls one day a week.
  • Has a healthy and secure base from where they and their family are sent out. Everyone wins!
  • Can operate with life and passion if they come efficiently and if they come from a place of refreshing and strength. Hobbies and living out one’s passion in other areas is life-giving.
  • Needs to care for every aspect of his being: social, emotional, spiritual, physical, and mental. Lacking in any area has a detrimental effect on the rest.

Quit the guilt - put some boundaries in place, be a great role model, and then Go, Go, Go!!


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