Ten Great Reasons WHY

10 great reasons WHY we need to include the emerging generation in the Small Group vision and strategy:

  1. We call ourselves a small group CHURCH and Biblically the word “Church” means every generation.
  2. Biblical community always includes families, young people, and children – all generations (Exodus and Acts).
  3. The church of Jesus (every generation) is to move in unity - one vision and one strategy under One Lordship (John 17).
  4. We are ALL commanded to pass on to the next generation, and community is where it relationally starts (Psalm 145:4).
  5. For the vision to last, it must be passed from generation to generation (Psalm 78).
  6. The Bible believes in family. The small group is a great place to model this as families pray, learn, witness, and move together.
  7. Parents are commanded to be the primary disciplers of their children. When they are in the small group together, this can be lived out in the community of Jesus (Deuteronomy 29:29).
  8. In God’s community, the older men are responsible for the younger men, the older women for the younger women - what better place than a small group for this to happen naturally?
  9. When parents are restored to the role of primary disciplers of their children, the resources of the church can be mobilized to reach a lost generation through peer-led small groups in the streets, schools, and colleges of the city instead of focusing on the children and young people from Christian families.
  10. Small Group values are for every generation: ALL (adults, youth, and children) are ministers, called to win others, called to serve, empowered for service, participate fully, receivers and givers.


“I will declare Your Name to ALL GENERATIONS and therefore the nations will praise you” (Psalm 45:17).

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