The Big “HOWEVER!”

The small group is the building block of the “Church.”

It is where God’s community meet together in homes and vibrantly live out His ecclesia – displaying His power so the Light of His presence penetrates an increasingly hurting world.

They are the ”cells” of His Body, His Bride the church. No small group can operate alone – but no true body can operate without cells. This was His design – and today this is His design for His living Bride – the Church.

Until this point, I anticipate that the majority of readers will be saying a quiet (or loud) “Amen!”


… let’s look at some of the words above: “Bride”, “Body”, “Church”, “People”, “Member”, “community” – all have one common defining statement: they mean every generation/adults, young people, and children.

The challenge is:

Are your vision and strategies applied to your children and young people?

Is small group their basic community for them, too, or are Sunday School, programs, and events where they “belong”?

Are programs, ministries, and events a distraction from small groups – their basic community?

Let’s raise the next generation knowing nothing but small group as the ecclesia where they are prepared to be the generation who go in the spirit of Elijah to the desert places of this earth and cry, “Repent, make way for Jesus the Messiah is coming!”


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