This Generation is Ready

The most natural way to raise leaders who are enthusiastic and committed with the DNA of small groups through every aspect of their being is to start when they are young.

The emerging generation is positioned for leadership and so many are waiting for the opportunity to lead their generation and the generations coming after them. Sadly, too often they are “leaders in waiting.” Many of them are trusted with responsible leadership in their schools, yet not equipped as such in the church.

I truly believe that God has trusted us with these children and young people to bring them to their full potential. Train a child and they will carry that DNA for the rest of their lives.

Children and teenagers can be leaders. It is time to be serious about equipping them. Dream of the church in 20 years’ time, with men and women who have known nothing but small group, who have led, multiplied and coached small groups for 12 years already. Who have planted small groups in their schools, homes, and colleges. Who have discipled and won souls as a lifestyle.

Is this not the most natural God-given way to be good stewards of the church and this emerging generation?

Not possible? Only with a traditional mindset. Possible? Yes, because “train up a child in the way he should go and when he is old he will not depart from it.”

This generation is ready. The question is, will we believe in them, invest in them, and raise them to be leaders “in such a time as this”?


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