The Forgotten Question

I have discovered that there is one phrase which seems to satisfy people that all is well, and that phrase is, “I am busy!” I use it, myself, sometimes when people ask how I am. I might just say, “busy.” Then I give an account of how many nations I (we) have been to or how many meetings have been conducted. You know what I mean. Those responding say something like, “That is great!” And, of course, it is.

However, there is one question I have not been asked in 25 years of ministry: “How is your relationship with Jesus?”

The tendency for those in “full-time ministry” (though that word is misused as everyone is in “full-time ministry”) is to subconsciously think that all is well because we are serving the King on a daily basis. It is as if that makes everything okay.

However, the King is also our Bridegroom and every marriage relationship requires more than service. Appreciated service in marriage will come from a love relationship that is developed in the intimacy of the quiet moments spent together.

So I ask myself and I ask you that forgotten question, “How is your relationship with Jesus?”

How is your intimate love relationship developing in the quiet moments spent together, or are you simply “busy?”


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