Who Is In Your Ceiling?

The ceiling of one generation should be the floor of the next. So the question is, “How high is your ceiling? And who are you putting on it?”

If the “best is yet to come,” we must be intentional about ensuring that this happens. If the next generation is not prepared to go further than us, the plans and purposes of God will not move forward and God’s plans will remain static.

What does this mean? Moses trained Joshua in the desert as they went round and round. Most people train the next generation to do the job they are doing. This is not what Moses did. Rather, he prepared Joshua to fight battles he had never fought, to lead a people he had not met, and to enter a land he had not experienced. So successful was he that after Moses died, Joshua was still reminding the people and himself of what Moses had said. Under Joshua’s leadership, “the best was yet to come.”

We are to prepare the next generation for a time, a people, and a world who have no experience of God. According to the heads of the major missions organizations, this emerging generation can complete the Great Commission. But we must be willing to prepare them. They will, in turn, bring back the King.

The best is yet to come, but it is the responsibility of all of us to disciple them and to “be Moses” to this emerging generation. The King is coming! The very very best is yet to come!

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