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Fire For the Nations

The Great Commission can be fulfilled in the life of this generation of young people and children. It is statistically possible and many ministries are networking together, with a 15–20 year plan to see the task completed. The vision of obeying the great commission is changing all over the world to – how can we complete the great commission? There is a worldwide vision and cry from God’s people that the end is in sight – that if we join together and link hands as the body of Christ, we can fulfill Matthew 28:19:

‘Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, and teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you. And surely I am with you always, to the very end of the age.’ 

For the sake of this article let’s take the figure 20 years to see every nation (people group) with the message of Jesus – this would imply that we need to be raising up laborers for the next 20 years in increasing numbers. As a ministry we have prayed and asked for a strategy that He would release to see His end time harvesters equipped and sent out in increasing numbers and with the greatest impact. 

In 10 years our 10-year-olds will be 20 and our 20-year-olds will be 30. Can you see laborers in the 20 – 40-year-old bracket full of life, vitality, and passion storming the nations, having counted the cost and being prepared to lay down their lives for the gospel? Can you see them boldly taking the Light into the darkest places and walking in holy boldness? 

If you can see this vision then we must start preparing and training them right now. The 10-year-olds must be intentionally trained as church planters throughout their teenage years. 

This is the vision we have, this is the mandate we are walking in – this is why birthed Fire for the Nations

We are specifically training children and young people from the age of 7, but intensively discipling them from the age of ten and the young teens. We want them to see the "ambitions" of God before they see the world’s ambitions, we want them to dream His dreams and pursue His heart. During the training we see them weep at the cross for souls; we hear them cry out for the poor, the hopeless, and the persecuted. They intercede for two to three hours at a time as they pour out their hearts for the nations. We see this increasingly as we share the heart of the Father with them. Intercession has become a symptom of their connecting with the heart of God - we are amazed as we see the outpouring of the Holy Spirit on this generation. This is the generation of whom the prophets spoke - it is the generation to see the task completed. We must be intentional about our responsibility to disciple them and then release them. 

As a ministry, we strategically plan discipleship mission trips where the main focus is to train them in small discipleship groups; and now we are launching mentoring that can continue throughout the year, based out of their local church, but which will increase their understanding and practical outworking of reaching the unreached. 

We ask a child, young person, or adult to commit to a year at a time. They are assigned a mentor from G2g and can take Fire for the Nations (FFN) either as an individual, within the context of family, or as a small group. It is very low-key, so that they steadily increase in understanding and skills, gaining ongoing vision. Tools that are essential for church planting and mission are learned early. We ask that they go on at least one mission trip a year - if possible, with us so they can utilize all they have learned during the year and meet others taking FFN. 

If you are interested in this new venture and would like to take part, know others who might be interested, or would like to support this venture, please email us. Forms and information can be downloaded from our website.

We WILL see the great Commission fulfilled and… THEN THE END WILL COME! - Matthew 24:14

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