Issachar Network Logo Black Scripture:
“The sons of Issachar – men who know how to interpret the signs of the times to determine what Israel should do.” (1 Chronicles 12:32 TLV)

Our Vision:
Building a network of Christ-centered people exploring what it means to live as men of Issachar.

In this hour we need God to raise up people who “know the signs of the times” and know how to respond. Issachar Network (IN) is a worldwide platform specifically for this purpose, building supportive, safe groups focused on the Word, using checks and balances to avoid the rise of deception, and holding each other steady through the “birthing pains”.

Our Strategy

  • Groups of 6 – 10 individuals meet monthly via video conferencing or in person. Meeting more frequently is at the group’s discretion.
  • Quality podcasts by key speakers provide teaching to be discussed in the group.
  • Opportunities are provided throughout the year to engage with the wider network for teaching, inspiring, and other learning opportunities.

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If your Issachar Network application has been approved: Click here.
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